Moving forward sometimes is a little tough, we all know. However, when momentum kicks in, it's absolutely great- like riding a bike by yourself that first time.

I am lucky that I have creative friends and a significant other who support my 'unique' way of going about things. I'm a tad backwards and slow to learn lessons, but when all's said and done, I like how things are turning out.

News? Well, Paul Waters (Brown Elephant Creative) and I are working on a pitch for a reality show. More details on that to come.

As for music, I've been learning a bit more ukelele. Yep, the uke. In my head, I hear an EP perhaps, laden with ukelele, and muted trumpets. In the past, I've been fascinated with lush echoes and delays, but here I'm thinking more intimate and focused... We'll see what happens.

And as always- if you have a project you're working on, or considering working on, let me know if you'd like a helping hand.

Your pal,


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