“God sells us all things at the price of
~Leonardo da Vinci

I saw this quote by da Vinci a couple days ago, and it stuck with me... I was suprised I had never heard it before; it's one of those you'd think you know, you know?
Well, I took some time today (have the day off) to commence work on this website, this blog, this... whatever it is, or will be.
I have high hopes. I've needed to do this for a while... I used to keep journals (man-diaries) when I was younger, but somehow I got out of the habit.
Not that I consider this a diary. It could be on some days, I suppose, but that's not my goal.
My intent is to consolidate several longings of mine into one place.
I honestly want to do a podcast, for one-- that could be interesting, no?
I sometimes take pictures of people who park in FIRE ZONES too... in my spare time, of course. It infuriates me to no end to watch people do that. I thought maybe a site like 'People of WalMart', but for firezone violators might be fun. Maybe dangerous...
Keep your eye open for new developments.

Your front desk clerk,

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